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How I Discovered Holistic Medicine the Hard Way

October 10, 2020 6:37 PM | Anonymous member

By Kevin White

Some people call me a medical hacker based on what I have learned over the last seven years. They reel in wonder when I tell them how they can do things to never catch a cold or flu, lower high blood pressure naturally and how to keep kidneys from advancing to dangerous stage levels. I have close friends and family I have helped fix issues they were told could not be cured. I always tell them this is what worked for me and am not advocating as a medical professional but explaining what I know worked for me.

In 2013 I injured both of my knees while deployed to Djibouti Africa with the United States Airforce. I returned home early to receive medical attention from military doctors at Wright Patterson AFB where I primarily received medications for pain and physical therapy for rehabilitation. The medication I took caused my potassium to drop below normal levels; under 2.5 millimoles per liter causing my blood pressure to skyrocket. The blood pressure medicine they gave me caused other problems I had to deal with as well. My pulse was stuck at 106 beats per minute most of the day. Anxiety pushed me to check my pulse every time I looked at a clock. I was so good at it I could tell my nurse what my pulse was just by feeling my wrist.

When I was in the military, I was an aircraft electro/environmental specialist whose job it was to troubleshoot complex high-tech problems. I had many years of experience developing innovative problem-solving skills I was able to apply to the health problems I explain in this article.

The worst of my issues was the IBS-C; It was by far the worst thing that ever happened to me because it took a physical and mental toll on me. I spent 80% of my time trying to clear the constipation that moved at a snail’s pace in my intestines. I could not eat anything with sugar because it sent me into a tailspin shortly after I ate anything sweet. I lost 35 pounds from when I started seeing the military doctors. I started researching IBS cures but none of them worked until I found information about enteric peppermint drops. After taking the peppermint capsules my symptoms lessened by 75% but I was still IBS-C ridden with all the other symptoms that came with it.

I was not satisfied with the band aid I discovered for the IBS situation because it still limited my ability to eat freely because I had to swallow a capsule 45 minutes before each meal for it to work. My doctor told me there was nothing I could do but avoid trigger foods; everything was a trigger food! I started to analyze the timeline of my IBS and figured out that it coincided with the start of the blood pressure medication. I discussed my theory with my doctor, and she agreed to try it. Two days later the IBS went away for good.

I got rid of the BP meds, so my blood pressure went back up above normal levels. I tried everything to no avail until I read an article about Coq10 helping lower blood pressure in experiments. 100 mgs a day dropped my BR from 165 to 125. I can literally see my pulse drop to the mid-60s in one and a half hours. It takes ace inhibitors weeks to lower your blood pressure but, in my case, Coq10 only takes one and a half hours. Coq10 contains organ meat extract that most Americans are missing in their diets. Coq10 acts like a beta blocker but without the side effects. It slows your heart and lowers your pressure and makes you immune to viruses while protecting your heart.

With the low potassium I found myself going into tachycardia events if I sweated, walked more than 2 minutes, ate foods with magnesium in it or took an epsom salt bath for my knees. I eventually discovered fresh lemon juice made the events very subtle and more tolerable. I advanced to apple cider vinegar mixed with water and that made them go away for good. This is the point when I learned about the power of alkalinity to keep your body in a high PH state. The lemons and vinegar raised my PH levels by converting acidic to alkaline once they entered the body. My doctor was at a loss for this, but I let her know how the process cured my problems.

I used to spend my free time joining Facebook groups telling friends what worked for me when I had the same issues. Many people have benefited from my stories and have thanked me for helping them make their own decisions on alternative cures. It is very satisfying when people can escape illness their doctors have abandoned hope for. There are so many things physicians are never taught in medical school. There are so many more possibilities just based on principles of how our bodies work we have yet to discover. I am the kind of person that never gives up on fixing a problem.

I heard a report from a friend who is at stage 4 kidney failure. She was told she had to go on dialysis when she first learned about it. I suggested a theory I heard about stopping the slide by alkalizing her kidneys with apple cider vinegar every day. She started the regimen I told her I did every day and month later she said her doctor asked what she was doing to keep her kidneys at the same level. That was over two years ago. Last week I learned from my wife that another test showed she is still holding steady with no changes noted.

I believe there is a cure for most ailments we face if we try to understand what disease really does to our bodies and try to counteract them naturally. Learning holistic cures in the face of medical reasoning requires critical thinking and putting more faith in yourself and nature than in the science of medicine. It is a lonely journey trying not to look crazy when you suggest cures people have never heard of before. I have been called witch doctor, shaman, and other exotic names but, when they work in the face of traditional medicine people take notice. Not everything that works for me will work for others, but it only pushes me to dig deeper to learn more and more everyday.

Kevin White is a newly published author of the book “Growing up White” an Oreos guide to Fitting in. In his book, Kevin expresses his experiences growing up as a military dependent on military bases around the world.

Kevin is also the owner and CEO of Brownie Fox publishing LLC, an Ohio based publishing company founded in 2019. With Brownie Fox publishing, Kevin envisions publishing more books and adding more authors to contribute additional works soon.

Kevin is a retired veteran with 30 years of service to the Unites States Air Force. He graduated from Wright State University in Dayton Ohio with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2017. His B.A. background enabled him to navigate the social complexities of writing the book “Growing up White”. Kevin enjoys playing guitar, writing music and listening to old time radio programs. He resides with his wife Carolyn and his two daughters in Huber Heights, Ohio.

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