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Misinformation Pushed by Health Department in Ohio

August 23, 2020 3:23 PM | Anonymous member

Dayton Public Health is hosting a vaccination clinic Wednesday, August 26, from 9 am to 3 pm at the Kroc center, in partnership with CareSource and Dayton Children’s Hospital. This clinic is under the auspices of providing the required (no exemptions mentioned!) 7th and 12th grade vaccines; however, the article and press release also mention that the HPV vaccine will be available and is recommended for this age group. To entice families, school supplies and even job assistance, among other perks, and RTA will provide free transportation. 

This seems like a lot of effort for vaccines that can and perhaps should be given by a person’s primary care doctor. Is this clinic intended to lure students and their parents in with freebies and mandated vaccines only to push an HPV vaccine, which is not required in Ohio law? Local and state governments have been attempting to push HPV on adolescents for years, with no regard for the questionable science, potential injuries, and even death associated with the vaccine. 

Health Freedom Ohio encourages you to consult with your own doctor before getting any vaccines and do your own research to determine risks and benefits. We advocate for your right to freely accept or decline any and all vaccines and other medical interventions and procedures, and to pursue the path to health that you feel best serves you and your family. 

Vaccination is a medical intervention with significant risks and for which manufacturers and health care professionals have no or limited liability. HPV vaccine has come under increasing scrutiny recently, as it has been linked to an increase in suicide on recipients and other adverse health consequences. Robert F Kennedy Jr recently announced a pathway for suing the manufacturer based on fraud and has set up a toll-free number (844–RFK-HPV1) for people who believe they have been injured. 

Health Freedom Ohio is hosting an HPV vaccine safety symposium in November 2020, including presentations by Robert F Kennedy Jr and other distinguished speakers. We invite you to learn more about this controversial vaccine from the science to the legal ramifications. 

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